teacher wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing is as important as pupil wellbeing.

Does Teacher wellbeing have to be like performing a complex juggling act? Trying to keep many things up in the air at the same time, maintaining an outward appearance of being in control and calm while inwardly wondering “how am I actually going to do all of this?”.


The article below makes a sadly all but common case. Teachers are feeling overworked and under pressure to hit increasingly “seemingly” unattainable targets and feeling less valued than ever.

teacher wellbeing
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Teach Circus In Schools is here to help.

Our programme is unique. We place teacher wellbeing at the core, making sure teachers are managing their own mental health and wellbeing before trying to help their pupils.

Indeed, it’s true to say that pupils in schools, pick up on everything, so if they sense a teacher isn’t able to cope they will react accordingly. That may lead to poor behaviour in the classroom which could lead to more stress for teachers.

That’s why when a school invests in our programme we make sure that part of the initial and ongoing CPD that we deliver to teachers and other staff is about how they can use circus skills to help themselves. We see it as increasing the mental armour for teachers to help them maintain the juggling act with a real sense of calm and being in control.

We will show your staff techniques and Exercises that will take no more than 10 minutes of their time that will help them to de-stress, to think more clearly and to effectively prepare and cope with their daily workload.

On the teachers portal, there will also be videos to act as refreshers so that even after the inset day training, teachers will be able to continue to learn and develop their own coping mechanisms and strategies.

So if you would like your staff to feel more like this…


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