We are Jugglers, Jesters and a family of circus lovers.


Teach Circus In Schools

Matt, who set up Jester Academy 10 years ago has been juggling since he was 16 years old and performing for over 20. He’s busked his way around the world and juggled everywhere from Covent Garden to San Fransico Bay, the top of the CN Tower to the top of a Jumbo Jet (not while it was moving of course). For the past 10 years, he’s also worked as a professional Jester performing all over the UK. In both roles, he’s taught in excess of 150,000 people of all ages and abilities circus skills.

He’s taught workshops in schools to children of every age from EYFS through to Secondary and 6th form as well as running training sessions for new teachers.


He’s used juggling as a personal form of relaxation and mindfulness for as long as he could juggle and now both our children take themselves off to juggle or ride their unicycles on a regular basis.


Teach Circus In Schools was born when Matt realised that the UK model of exposing children to circus skills was frankly, broken. Whilst one day workshops are without doubt fun, they don’t let children get the regular benefits of practising circus skills that so many children in schools around the world do. Ir’s with this in mind that Teach Circus In Schools was born.