Circus skills Workshops from Teach Circus in Schools.

Professional, engaging and memorable instructor lead circus skills workshops for every key stage.

“Let us visit your school so that your pupils and staff can see first hand the benefits of circus skills.”

primary circus skillscircus skills workshops from Teach circus in schoolscircus skills workshops aren't just for pupils

Teach Circus in Schools circus skills workshops are carefully structured to be age and ability appropriate. We can teach pupils at evey key stage and have vast experience of working with pupiils with addition needs and SEND requirements.

They ensure that every pupil gets their own “wow, I did it!” moment during the session. With Jester Academy we’ve been providing the best circus skills workshops available to schools across the UK  for 10 years.  Our reputation is built on professional, presentable and experienced instructors, with a passion for circus skills.

We bring with us a full range of professional circus skills equipment so you don’t have to provide anything. All we need is a suitable space for the sessions.

Groups of up to 30 pupils at once can be accomodated with 1 instructor (and school teaching/support staff). Larger groups would require multiple instructors.

If you have a lot of pupils you’d like to join in we suggest a round robin session with up to 5 “zones” each with an instructor teaching a particular skill.

But it’s not only pupils that we can run sessions for. We’re booked every year to provide new teacher training sessions to Teachers just starting their training at local teaching colleges. We use circus skills to help them have a different view of teaching and learning and how to incorporate the teaching teachinques we’ve developed over the years into their classroom teaching.

So, get in touch with us today to book your workshops for pupils or staff and let us show you the impact circus skills can have on everyone in your school.



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