Our mission.
“Using circus skills in schools, we aim to help schools and teachers improve the mental health and wellbeing of all pupils in their care. Using regular circus skills activities, we believe pupils of all ages will thrive and be happier.”

Circus skills in schools offer active, proven alternatives to traditional forms of mindfulness and relaxation that do not suit everyone, especially  pupils in a busy and challenging school environment. They are also highly effective tools for improving Teacher wellbeing and making sure that staff are mentally ready to perform at their best every day.

Mental Health in schools - Teach Circus In Schools

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Mental Health in schools – The Big problem.

Circus skills in schools, Teach circus in schools an alternative approach to mental health

Let’s start with a simple fact: Circus skills make you feel happy. So a regular opportunity to practise circus skills in schools = happy pupils.

Sharing that with your pupils is a great start to improving their mental health, what’s more, you already have the time to start doing it today.

Why? Mental health in schools is an issue that needs addressing right now. Schools and teachers are under more pressure than ever to address the growing cases of mental health and related problems of pupils. The pressure to offer Mental health first aid or Mindfulness-based strategies during the school week is huge. Teach Circus In Schools will change the way you think about addressing mental health in schools and wellbeing in school forever.



It’s not just pupils…. click the image below to find out how and why we put teacher wellbeing first.

Teacher wellbeing

With our sister company, Jester Academy, we’ve been running professional circus skills workshops in schools throughout the UK at every key stage for approaching 10 years. We’re still able to offer workshops ranging from half a day to a whole week in your school using our team of professional, fully insured instructors as well. Just click the button below to go to that page.


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